Keep Your Home in Good Shape

Keep Your Home in Good Shape

Turn to us for gutter cleaning in Seneca or Pendleton, SC

Clear away leaves and debris that are clogging your gutters. When you need gutter cleaning, get in touch with Certified Professional Roofing. We'll take care of the gutter cleaning services you need. In addition to cleaning gutters, we can also install security cameras, set up solar panels and repair your vinyl siding.

Call 864-481-9332 now to request gutter cleaning in Seneca or Pendleton, SC.

Repair or replace your vinyl siding

Have you noticed that your vinyl siding is started to crack or fall apart? We'll fix it. We can provide the vinyl siding repairs and replacements you might need. How do you know your vinyl siding needs work? Watch out for:

  • Peeling wallpaper on interior walls
  • Unexpectedly high HVAC bills
  • Mold or algae growth on your siding
  • Piece of siding on the ground
Contact us today to ask about getting a vinyl siding replacement in the Seneca and Pendleton, SC area.